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re: September Newsletter

Greetings Kinship,
HotR Kinship has maintained it's active role in Gladden and has currently over 400 active members. Many leader roles are available and listed on our HotR Leader's page.

Rex and Carped - Leaders of the Midnight Marauders - have organized and lead quite a few fellowships and raids over the past few weeks. I lead the complete Helegrod raids a couple of weekends ago for 52's up, and the Fornost Quartet fellowships have been popular for 35's up. Many are leading raids and can post the Raid Name & Time in the MotD. Requests for fellowships and raids can be made in kinchat, for there's a reason many are agreeable and that's....

Bounder's Tokens:
Bounder's Tokens are bags that drop during any kill, but more drop during fellowships and raids. These tokens can be turned in for 1) barter items at Michel Delving's Town Center statue that's under construction. Or 2) one can turn them in for the Gladden Server's special store discounts. If we collectively turn in 1,750,000 tokens before the release of Helm's Deep, Gladden Server will receive special LotRO Store Discounts and access to that cool looking horse/pony.

Congratulations to Generals Hobs, Rex, & Final, and the rest of the brave soldiers in the Ettenmoors. Their courage has solidly driven back the creeps, and the Armies of the Freeps are holding their lands once again.

There are Spies in HotR: yes, roleplay is back in HotR. Are you good or are you evil? Make a biography and a history for yourself. Check out our new HotR Roleplay Page for basic rules and a list of current roleplayers in HotR.

HotR Advertisements:

Proudtoe Hornbutton's Grocery & Pipeweed Emporium is taking mailorders for delivery post haste. Mail Proudtoe your food order for meals, snacks, ale, beer, & the best and rarest pipeweed and your order will be mailed to you within a day or so. Only the best local ingredients are grown for Proudtoe's Grocery. HotR members orders are Free.

HotR Lord Elites are looking for Squires, Apprentices, and Staff. Any Level 85 member may have a gang of their own of any level member for quests, training, crafting, and causing bar fights in Bree. Mail them to apply. hehehe.

Check out our HotR pages for more info - Thanx for reading.

Your Editor in Chief,

Draconea Red Mage
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