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re: Lots of HotR News

Greetings there fellow Kinnys,

Happy summertime to you all, hope you're all gettin' some sun and not in the Mines of Moria too much, *smiles* I've never seen a tan dwarf.

If you've been reading kinmail and seeing the MotD (Message of the Day) posted on the top of our kin social roster, then you'll know that we have a new Secretary of State, Mad - or as he likes to be referred to: Lord of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Allies.

Lord Mad's looking for Ambassadors, Envoys and staff for our Embassy in Bree.

He will also be meeting with our allies for a round table discussion on summer games amongst our allies coming up this weekend. If you want to attend, ask him about it. Ambassadors will be meeting early next week, too, for assignments that have rewards.

Argrenon is our Captain of the Guards in Bree and has quests for those willing to face incredible challenges for incredible rewards. These are above and beyond the usual missions in Middle Earth, and will aid Frodo and the Fellowship in their struggles. Rewards will be great.

We are currently searching for a Lord / Lady of Merriment to Host or assign fellow Merrymakers as Hosts/Hostesses of HotR Parties, Races, Silly Contests, and more. Contact Draconea if interested in some fun times for all.

We are slowly and steadily growing, and I hope you all consider inviting those that are not in kinships into ours.

Have a great summer, and see you on the Battlefield.


Lord of HotR
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