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re: HotR Gazette for Week of 6/25

Dear Kinship Members,

Hope you have been having a great Summer so far, full of fun in your daily life as well as fun here in LotRO. HotR is steadily growing in many areas such as crafting, consistent active members, kinships that are becoming our allies, better organized fellowships, instances, raids and skirmishes, and more fun then a barrel full of hobbits. It is because of your efforts, and the efforts of the many leaders, besides myself, that have come forward to help all the members, no matter what level they are, to grow and enhance their fun in LotRO. Thank you all very much for helping to make this kinship one of the best in Gladden and all of LotRO.

Now for the news:

1) A week long Festival and inter-kinship tournament is being planned and we are applying to Turbine for sponsorship with give-away TP's, LotRO store coupons, and much much more. A planning committee is being formed with our Kinship Alliance.
Anyone wanting to help with this is more then welcome to. Mail or IM Draconea, Iokie, Nourtheryn, or Galalendon for more info.

2) We now have a full 21 level 75 members, including Finalting, Torus, and Smooty. Congratulations to all the new elites for all their skill, patience, cunning, and perseverance. They are all most likely willing to help all levels of members, and all of them are excepting Squires & Apprentices.

Henceforth, all 75 Level members of HotR shall be known as the Knights of HotR - protectors of the Rings of Power, and destroyers of Evil.

3) Lord Galalendon is our new and quite capable Secretary of State, Minister of the HotR Embassy located in Bree, and runs our Foreign Affairs Offices there. We now recognize 5 Kinships as our Allies, and they each require an Ambassador, Emissary, and Messengers to stay in touch with them and them with us.

Lord Galalendon cannot do it alone for more kinships are wanting to join our alliance each week. They will have blogging rights on our website and titles to go with their leadership positions. Duties are very minimal. Anyone who wants to be an ambassador, emissary or messenger, please contact Galalendon by Mail or IM when he's in-world.

4) Lady Kiassara is our new Roleplay Leader - Lady of HotR She is a seasoned roleplayer with many years as an elf, fairy, unseelie, princess, queen, and many other roles. Roleplay has been requested by many of you, and it is now beginning.

Roleplay your characters with a past history, a roleplay'd occupation, family, and adventures. Lectures on easy ways how to roleplay in-character will be given starting this coming weekend at the kinhouse.

5) Positions that are open besides those mentioned above are as follows:

All Leader Positions shall have a title and full Administration Permissions on our Websites, and the Kinshouse.

Class Leaders - Lore-Master & Champion - Support, help, train, and advise all Class Members to grow and become better in their chosen vocations.
Assistant Class Leaders - for All Classes - Support their respective class leader and members to help each class grow.

Minister of Trade - This position works hand in hand with our Exchequer - Treasofhr, and Brunhelm our Lord of Crafts. They are responsible for our markets in Bree and the Shire, trading for a profit with our many allies, and trading at the Auction House. This is a small payed position and can profit HotR's treasury, our members, and comes with a small stipend for this Minister of Trade.

Lord / Lady of Merriment - Partymeister / Partymistress - Hosts various Parties and Functions at our Kinmanor, and at various locations around Middle Earth. Must have a fun spirit and willing to play practical jokes, oversee contests, give out beer & pipe-weed, and assist in running HotR Embassy in Bree. They should be able to access minstrels, jugglers, jesters, and fools.

Sargent of Arms - Sparring Master - Holds sparring practices with all levels, develops troops and gladiators, overseas all athletic contests with our members and other kinships for Gladiator, Hunger Games, Races, and other athletic contests.

All positions above require assistants, also. If interested, please contact Draconea by IM or in-world mail to apply.

6) Contest: Prize of 2 Gold per Winner -
Looking for Official Names for the following:

Our Kinhouse / Kinmanor
The Kinship Alliance
New Groups within the Kinship as noted above

Top 3 Names submitted for each will be put to an informal vote the weekend of July 14th & 15th. Prizes to the Winner of Each Chosen new Name will be awarded Sunday Evening of the 15th.

7) Fellowships / Raids, and Skirmishes are happening everyday for all levels all day long. If you have a quest you want to finish and are looking for a fellowship, just speak up in kinchat and a group will easily be formed with you as the leader. Be patient and get to know those who you can rely on to form your own posse to meet yours and your fellows goals.

8) The kinship manor chests are being reorganized and will fully reopen this weekend with new and valuable items for all levels. If you have something you want to put into them, or want to peruse them at anytime just say so in kinchat. There are over 15 members who have full permissions to the kinhouse and can open them up for you at anytime.

Have a great summer all, and if you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat, IM me anytime, and we'll talk.

With my gratitude to you all,

Draconea - Lord of HotR
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