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re: HotR Gazette for Week of 5/28


Hey there kinship,

Hope all you US kinners had a wonderful Memorial Holiday, and for all kinneys in the Euro Theatre, a proud welcome to Moxxy our new Lord of the Euros. He will be organizing and helping any Europeans from Iceland to Russia and will be very glad to help all that are in-world during the European hours, GMT time.

The May Contest ends Thursday, see the Contest Page on this site for rules and ways to win Gold.

New Contests for all levels starting in June.

HotR will be having a Saturday Market Day from 12 noon US EST to 2pm each and every Saturday. All level crafters are welcome to come to Bree each Saturday and sell their wares in the many vacant stalls thruout the market area and Bree each Saturday.

Besides our new Lord of the EuroTheatre leader Moxxy, we have a new Leader of the Burglars, Lord Estle, Master of Thieves. Lord Estle has a secret Thieves Den and all Burglars who want to excel in the ways of Theft & Deceit should contact Estle.

HotR is looking for assistants for all Leaders, and is especially looking for Leaders for the following:

Secretary of State - to be lead Ambassador to all HotR's Allies and run our Embassy in Bree and all of LotR's ambassadors, messangers, and emissaries.

Secretary of Trade - to keep our coffers well stocked with our Exchequer Lord Treasofhr, to co-run our HotR Embassy, Marketplace, and all imports & exports with our Allies.

Class Leaders - Guardians, Champions, Captains, Lore-Masters & Runekeepers. Become a General and organize Armies to fight our foes in Middle Earth.

Roleplay Lord or Lady - HotR is beginning full immersion roleplay and is looking for Leaders to assume roles to help all interested players in character roles. Become the character you have selected.

As far as Roleplay is concerned. Roleplay (rp) is a way to enhance your character even further. Become a farmer and sell your wares at market. A wench barmaid, and work the Taverns of Middle Earth. A true General and lead your Armies on quests, defeating foes.
Classes will be taught by Draconea when he is available to one or more at the kinhome to help develop your characters and act out the role of your choice.

Lord of our House, Draconea, is always available for your questions, or kinship needs by mail or IM when in-world. Feel free to contact me anytime you like to chat, or discuss how to get more fun out of LotRO.

Have fun kinneys,

Lord Draconea
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