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re: Legendary items starting at level 45

Legendary items/weapons (LI) are a really cool part of LOTRO. Each class has its own LIs. These increase in traits and characteristics just like your character does. The have ther own levelling XP. Things you equip them with, etc.

You can start your way to getting LIs as soon as you hit level 45. It starts with the Volume II Book 1 epic line quest. You do not have to finish VOlume I first. It is likely you wouldn't if you are starting this below level 50.

To get your start your LI quest your will nedd to get to Echad Dunnan in Eregion. It doesn't matter how you get there or how ungraceful the road may be. Just nearby Echad Dunnan you will find Rathwald (NPC). You will talk to him in order to start your quest line to get your first LI. All of these quests are labelled as level 50 but many people can start this seuqence at 45 and have their 1st LI weapon (after completing chapter 9) by the time the hit level 48. The class LI you get after completing chapter 14. Many of the chapters are focussed on you learning about LIs and as a result not all the chapters require combat to complete.

Somehting to keep in mind. Once you get into Moria, if you are below level 50, most the the exploration deeds will not count until you reach level 50.

MOST IMPORTANT: Do not deconstruct your LIs until you have a replacement you can equip. Most of the LIs that are drops will be level 51 and up. All of the crafted or bartered LIs are level 53 and up. If you destroy your LI before then you wil lhave to wait at least until level 51 before you get a new one that you can use.

Good luck and have fun.

Useful links:,_Book_1:_The_Walls_of_Moria_Quests

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