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re: basic common sense


k, here's what i was thinking of in regards to the kinship laws.

1) common sense is the basic principle. in other words:

a) no stealing all the items in the kinhouse chests, we booted a level 7 kinmember who did this recently.

b) no public slandering the kinship or it's members in kinship chat, if you have a complaint tell our attorney general, a leader, or myself and it will be dealt with.

c) no spamming the kinmail for no reason. with over 600 members, sending us all a mail saying you're leaving the kinship is rude since most don't know who you are. also, just saying hi in kinmail is a waste of our time to delete it. you have a friends button, and can use that.

d) anyone can be challenged for infractions or poor leadership. if, as kinship leader, i'm doing a poor job then it is your right to have me replaced with good cause.

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re: Regarding rules...

ok.. as is now i have been appointed the attourney general for the kin. You all know the general rules for the kin, but i would like some input into some rules as far as recruiting and kinhouse and conduct of other members. if you have any ideas just send send me a message here or to Waltae in the game. i wil get back to you and let you know what comes of them.

as far as anything else goes, i am also in charge of investigating and relaying my finds to kin leader for infractions of members in the kin. wether they be minor or major they will be looked into with the utmost importance as soon as i find out. you can also send me notice of the infractions. once looked into a tribunal will be put together of fellow kin. (if you would like to be a defence attourney let drac know) once the matter has been put to the tribunal and a decision is made we will let everyone know.

Once the decision is made you have up to 72 hourse to put in an appeal to the decision. now as far as the appeal goes it can be 1 of 2 things. either another trial made up of peers or can be a "trial by combat". if trial by combat is appointed i will look for someone for a combatant for the trial based on race,class,level that is appropriate for the trial.

any other questions can be mailed to me and i will get back to you as soon as i can.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Waltae D'Modred
Attourney general for House of the Rings
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