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re: 200 tp in 7 hours

i know this thread is old, but i thought i would bring some pertinent info to the table. this is the guide i followed when first starting.

as mentioned in the guide, doing this solo runs you about 7 hours, but with a fellowship the time could potentially be cut in half, or at least trimmed by a few hours, depending on bodies involved.

if anyone would like to try this out, let me know, im always up for farming TP.

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re: Reply

If you have a lot of gold and silver you can also buy reputation items from seperate factions that you haven't visited yet, thus getting you more Turbine points when you lvl up these factions. However, this approach is very pricey, because reputation items are almost always extremely overpriced in the auction house. But in the end it can be worth it, because you wind up getting more TP and if you get Kindred with every faction you get a horse thats just as good as the ones in the lotro store.
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re: Dictino's How to play completely FREE #1


I think many of you have been wondering about how to not spend any penny and play completely free. This guide will give you in depth analysis of how to allocate your Turbine Point in this game.

In this game, Turbine Point (TP) is the currency used in LOTRO store.

How do you earn TP?
TP only can be earned by completing deeds.
To view what deeds are available to you, please refer to your "Deed Log" in game. or visit "" for completed details.

For free player, you do get an access of 4 free areas (Bree-land, The Shire, Ered Luin, Lone-Lands), and quests within the areas, then you will have to unlock the rest of the game.
If you wish to play this game completely free, you will have be very careful of how and where to spend your TP, and working on every deed that's available to you.

How many TPs are available to you in these 4 maps?
Bree-Land (255 tp)
The Shire (150 tp)
Ered Luin (130 tp)
Lone-Lands (180 tp)

Acquaintance - 5 pt
Friend - 10 tp
Ally - 15 tp
Kindred - 20 tp
You can gain 50 tp when you reach Kindred status for each reputation

You can max out three of the following reputations...
Men of Bree (farming in Barrow Dowm, you may find "Barrow-Trasure, Cardolan-Trinkets", these will increase your reputation)

The Eglain ( you can do crafting quests that can be purchased in Ost Guruth, it's repeatable. You gain 700 reputation per quest.)

The Mathom Society (farming in Barrow Dowm, ("Mathoms, Well-Kept Mathoms"))

Class/Race/ Epic deeds
These deeds are available to you varied by classes.
you may gain 20-30 tps without a problem.

so, you may earn about 900 tp with one toon within 4 free area.

Since, you have 900 tps, how do you spend your points?
This is a very critical decision, because this may drive your interest away from this game if you have no tp left in your account to unlock additional area.

I suggest you spend your point on account related products in LOTRO store. That's right, only spend tp under Account category.
This means whatever you have unlocked under this category will automatically apply to all of your toons that you may have, then you don't have to unlock them again.
I strongly suggest you to unlock Quest & Content category first. "Trollshaws" quest pack should be your first majour purchase. If you have completed all of quests and deeds in all of 4 free zones, you should be around lv34, and you are ready for Trollshaws, lv30-lv50 map.
This should take you all the way to lv40ish....
and you may save enough to purchase another Quest Packs.

If you feel like creating a second toon, then you will have another 1k tp to spend...or you may use your second toon slot to farm tp... develope the toon to certain points, then delete and repeat... this is called grinding...and can be very painful.
It's easier to plan ahead of time on how to allocate your TP, this way will make your life simple later...

Happy Hunting...

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