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re: Just Hi :)


Hi Everybody, 


First of I want to thank Yasminel<sp> for recruiting little Noob QTpye a few Months ago into HOTR. She was reasl nice and helped me with gear made sure it was nice :)

A few Weeks ago my other kin I had toons in < Wanderers of middle Earth> moved to Arkenstone.. and I got lonely so She recruited my Homelesss Toons, IAMQ, QMAI, QAMI, QIAM, into the Kin as well... So I'm becoming more active.. IAMQ is my high lv from the f2p/premium acct at lv 48.. I do have a VIP account which i have had since Angmar came out also but i rarely play on it have not been in new content since U16, so I'm a bit out of it < 2 lv 100>  But i really enjoy playing the lower lv and see what is different than from way back when :) 

Schould anybody need anything.. i'm tailor, Scholar, Tinker and Weaponsmith.  low in guildstuff though since it6 is only premium acct. But i do have access to all the areas up til Isengard.. or even helms Deep.. bought those on steam when they had a package sale.. so im good to adventure :) 

Anyways Nice meeting ya all.. and.. oh ya  Everybody just calls me Q 


Qor100Captain, Qorya 86 Minstrel, Qoraya 100 Hunter, Qora 85 Guard, Chantall 100 Hunter, Aowyna 100 LM, Arwenya 100 RK, & some 'Mules'Hardqor 86 Burglar, Qoria 68 Warden, Qoryana 77 Hunter, Qory 54 Champ, Plus IAMQ, QIAM, QMAI, QIMA, QAMI   51%Sweetheart, 49% B!t@# .... DON'T PUSH IT !!!
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