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re: HotR August Newsletter

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Greetings Kinship,



Been a bunch of stuff goin' on over this last month in HotR.  So, let's get to it:




Turbine's new updates have kicked in and the server transfers are beginning per server - one server a month - over the rest of the year.  Turbine is increasing the population of Gladden and many have contacted HotR to meld their kins into ours, or bring their entire posses over to our kinship.  This is great news and many in our kin have been helpful particularly Iokie, Lalrin, Mad, Hasukage, and many many other HotR members.




In regards to our alliances with other kins our current Minister of State - Frankinerl has been busy.  The current list of Allies is posted on our Allies & Friendemys Page you'll see on your left.




More raids have been going on in HotR, mostly in the early evenings and weekends.  Many in our kinship participate in some very difficult and complicated fellowships and raid instances in all levels.  A lot of our members are going for the metadeeds in Angmar, Moria, and Isengard.




Turbine has opened up the new PvMP in Osgilliath and it's very difficult.  Many of the top creeps and freeps have pretty much moved there which means the Moors is a lot easier.  I've seen many of our members there and we're beginning to get a good bunch in the Moors again.  You can enter the Osgilliath PvMP in the Ettenmoors.  If you are new to the Moors, ask Lalrin, Draconea, and Proudtoe to  show you around.



Our Crafters have been busy and many LI weapons, armor, gear and food has been made per your requests.  Keep them coming into Draconea - send him mail and he'll send out to our crafters listed on our Crafters Page. Thanx to the all.



Our HotR pages have been updated on the right except for the Rules and our History & Legends page.  We have added a new Level 100 Gear and Advice Page to help you level your top toons.



The month of August -  HotR will be preparing and building for our new Kinmanor opening in September, and hopefully we can expand our roster of Leaders.

If you are interested in participating beyond the quest lines and would like to help our kinship, please send Draconea a mail with your ideas, advice, or offer of help.

Thanx to all current leaders, and the many many kinmembers who've contributed their time, mats, and efforts to House of the Rings.

Safe paths to you and yours,


Draconea Redmage

Leader of HotR

Council to Radagast the Brown


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