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re: Kinhouse Event Planning

So far here is what I've come up with:

Date: either 16th of march or 17th. 16 is the actual date when we get the house, but 17th is a Sat so we might get more people.

Time: With our kinship being as large as it is we have people from all over the world. So it might be beneficial if we plan to have it 2 seperate times on the same day. That way people in different timezones can attend. However, if we do have 2 we would have to set a leader for each party so that each one is organized and flows better.
I personaly I am in EST/UTC -5, and would be happy to lead whatever event is closest to my timezone.

Where: Kinship house, and from the looks of the poll it looks like its going to be in one of the Bree-Land neighborhoods.

Horse Race
Sparring contest
Door Prize Drawing

I guess we can let the kin decide what kind of prizes they want, but we need to decide fast so that we have time to get the prizes before the event. Personally I think we should go with in-game money, it's easiest to get and everyone can use it. Perhaps we should have a different prize for each one of the events.
Also, do you think we should have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for the prizes?

Leader/ Judge: We will need someone to judge the horse race and get everything started. Maybe we should let the kinship decide or maybe we should decide for ourselves. Personally I wouldn't mind leading, however I wouldn't be heartbroken if someone else wanted to do it.

Tell me what you think of my ideas.
If you have any ideas go ahead and post them.
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