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PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2015 10:18 am    Post subject: HotR December News

Greetings Kinship,

Happy Holidays to All

As always HotR's been very busy throughout November and grown with a lot of new members.  There's been an informal contest over the last few months between Draconea and the Members of HotR to see who can recruit the most members.  This month the score was Draconea - 36 and HotR - 29. *chuckles* Yay! I won one.

Thank you very much for your recruiting efforts.  We totaled 65 new invites over November and our active list is the biggest I've seen in 3 years here.

In other news, Draconea sent out a mail asking for crafting volunteers so he could update the Crafter's Guild List on this website.  A handful responded, so HotR will make an effort this month to help those who want to move up the crafting ladder to become Westemnet top crafters.  We are also looking for those that have reached the yellow line critted capabilities of the new Anorien Crafter.

If you are a Westemnet Crafter or Anorien, and would like to help our members, please send Draconea a mail and let him know which school of crafting you specialize in.  The HotR Crafters Guild page has been updated.  You can click that on your left to see. Thank you to all those that responded.

This month we will be opening our 4th Kinhouse in our neighborhood for scholars. Thank you Iokie for doing this.  This new Kinhouse will be dedicated to Scholars.  More news coming on this later this month.

News from the Front:

The Ettenmoors pvp has been especially exciting and it seems that the Freeps are winning more then they have in the last couple of years.  The health stats between the Freeps and the Creeps have evened out, and many HotR members are there daily.  Let us know if you're interested in a tour of the pvp areas.  Many in HotR would be glad to show you around this most difficult of areas to survive in.

If you would like to post news on our website, contact Draconea and he'll be glad to set you up.


Happy Holidays, again, to all HotR Members.