ABC's of the ABC music system

Ever hear a guy at the Boar Fountain in Bree rocking a lute version of Stairway to
Heaven and wonder how he did it? Well read on and find out. All it takes is a
little setup, a couple of downloads and a little trial and error and you'll be
rocking huge crowds at the Prancing Pony in no time.

The Fat Lute has the most comprehensive database of music files that I've found so far. Lots of music in nearly every genre and some good tutorials on how to set
up the files on your computer for use in-game.


Here is my attempt at a setup guide:

The basic setup includes setting up a Music folder in your LOTRO game folder and
downloading the individual music files into that folder. For Windows 7 users
the file path will look something like this:

C:\Users\your username\My Documents\Lord of the Rings Online\Music

I did not have a Music folder in my LOTRO Directory so I had to manually create
one. Next step is to download a song from the Fat Lute to practice with. You
will have to create an account with the Fat Lute and use their shopping cart
feature to download the music files you want. Note where your computer is
saving the downloaded file as you will have to move it to the LOTRO\Music folder
so that the game can find it. My laptop downloads everything to the Download
folder. I then have to copy and paste the .abc files to my LOTRO Music folder.

C:\Users\you username\My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\Music\

You should be ready to go! Load up LOTRO and equip your favorite instrument (try a lute, as most music is written for that) in the chat window command line type /music to start music mode. You should see your character pull out the instrument and start tapping his/her foot. Then type /play FamilyGuyTheme-lute to play the song. Be sure to leave off the .abc, you just need the song name. If everything is set up properly you should be rocking your favorite tune!

Group play involves timing your actions with other fellowship members. In a fellowship, everyone types /music to enter music mode. Then everyone types /play songname sync to load the song. Last, the leader types /playstart to start the song. Voila, you have a band!

For anyone interested in plugins, the best music one I've found and currently use
is called Songbook. Setting up Plugins is outside the scope of this page, but
there are plenty of instructions and tutorials on this website. This plugin
really streamlines the music playing interface (i.e. gets rid of typing
commands) and also helps organize your music collections as well.