HotR Leaders

The House of the Rings has an extensive leadership program for all who want to take part and volunteer to help build and keep our kinship the best in Gladden and all of LotRO.

All leaders have titles similar to medival titles and can have as many assistants as they need to help them maintain and grow their various factions. They also have administrative permissions to create and edit webpages on this site. They're supported by all other leaders and members within our Kinship and have access to funds from our treasury, plus many other benefits depending on their requirements.

Many of the Leaders below are part of the Roleplay of HotR.


Listed below are the current leaders in House of the Rings:


Draconea        - Lord of the House - Crafting Guilds Grandmaster

Iokie              - Vice Lord - Second in Command

Frankinerl        - Minister of State 


Merlinous        - Sargeant of Arms -Trainer & Commander of HotR Guards

                         Commander of the Guards


Littlejohns      - Partymeister - Lord of Merriment

?                   - Minister of Europe - Commander of the European Troops

Bookie           - Exchequer - Treasurer and Banker of HotR

?                   - Grandmaster of Crafting Guilds

?                   - Minister of Trade - Importer & Exporter of HotR

?                   - Lord of the Manor - Manager of our 2 Kinhouses


?                   - General of Fellowships, Raids & Skirmishes

                         Leader of the Midnight Marauders   

?                   - Co-General of Fellowships, Raids, & Skirmishes

                         Leader of the Midnight Marauders             

?                    - Guildmaster of the HotR Merchants Guild

?                    - General of Guardians - Army Commander

?                    - General of Wardens - Army Commander

?                    - Grandmaster of Thieves Guild

?                    -  General of Champions

?                    - Captain of the Hunters

?                    - Guildmaster of the Runekeepers Guild

?                    - Guildmaster of the Roleplay Guild



All the above are looking for Assistants, Team Leaders, Ambassadors, Guards, Staff, and General Help.  Please Contact them if you are interested in helping in even a small way.