HotR's Allies & Friendemys


Frankinerl - Lord Secretary of State


Ambassadors are Needed - Please contact Frankinerl

The House of the Rings has many allies and friendemys.  We are a very large kinship and welcome trade and partnerships, parties, contests, roleplay, friendly wars, battles and sparring with all other kinships. HotR is always looking for new kinships to be our allies, plus ambassadors, emissaries, and messangers within our kin to deal with our allies and friendemys.

Our Embassy is located in the Mess Hall in the center of Bree.  Stop by for a visit.



Our Allies


Storm Crusaders - Leader: Enchantee

Easily Amused - Leader: Dianea

Drunken Hobbits - Leader: Kaswyn

Lynch Mob - Leader: Lyndhra

Chosen of Coyote - Leader: Sitojaxa

Keepers of Good and Truth - Leader: Starmetal

Emissaries of the Elves - Leader: Rellengon

Raging Raiders - Leader: Wulfdur




Our Friendemies


Dark Brotherhood - Leader: Lucienlachance