House of the Rings History and Legends


The House of the Rings was formed during the Second Age of Middle Earth, just after the Great Rings of Power were forged.  Begun by Durimar the Wise. created to protect the Rings of Power, the House of the Rings began as a guard of all Greater Rings, an Order comprised of all Classes and Races to protect and serve those who wielded the Rings. But, they were betrayed.

The mortal Nine Rings of Men deceived Durimar and poisoned him in the Grand Hall of Carn Dum.  Sworn into secrecy the House went into hiding cloaked as cloistered Priests & Priestesses, shadows in alleyways and trees.  Whispers of a powerful Order, soldiers who protected and served the Elves and Dwarves unseen were rumored across the lands.  And, the House of Rings grew into Legend

The House of the Rings were beside Gil-gilad in SA1701, at the Battle of Umbar in SA3261, at the Fall of Numenor, and at the Last Great Alliance of Elves and Men in SA3441. There the House stood beside Isildor on the slope of Mount Doom.  Then, just a few weeks after, at Isildor's death  the House of the Rings passed into Myth.

In the Third Age year TA1154, a Council of Elves and Dwarves were called.  Elrond, Galadriel, Thorin Oakenshield and many other Leaders of Dwarves and Elves met at the Homely House in Rivendell to discuss the Darkness growing in Mirkwood. A perception of the Shadow of Sauron was perceived.  Among the Council sitting in the back were cloaked figures which were called to a secret meeting among the highest of the Council.

At this secret Council were Elrond, Galadrial, Celeborn, Thorin Oakenshield, and Balin.  Also in attendence were Bramolin. Eosaele, Gilif and Nourtheryn, the Leaders of the House of the Rings.  They all realized that many Rings of Power and Rings of Lesser Power were unaccounted for, and that a danger was growing.  Knowing that their time in Middle Earth was drawing to an end, they decided to give Leadership to Mankind.  Promising to raise and grow leaders from the Race of Men, and to protect Middle Earth from evil, giving their lives if needbe to see that the Rings did not fail or fall into darkness.

Thus, the House of the Rings was reborn - all members have pledged to protect and to serve the Rings of Power, to see the One Ring, once found, destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom, and to see Peace restored once and foreall upon the Lands of Middle Earth.