House of the Rings Contests




The House of the Rings has many contests for prizes such as coins of the realm, armor, jewellry, weapons, combinations of some or all, and more. There are gladiator contests and wargames, hunger games and many more.  See below for current contests.


Contests Coming for May 2013


Bounty Hunter Contest - Hunter's are having their own Bounty Hunter Contest


Horse Races - On the occasional Sunday are Horse Races from HotR's KinManor to the top of Weathertop.  Prize is 1 Gold to the Winner.  Look in Kinchat for Contest starts.


Gladiator Contest Rules


Gladiator Contest -  Anyone can compete in Gladiator Contests that are held frequently for prizes and gold coin at our Kinmanor.

Each sparring level shall be within plus/minus 2 levels of each other.  Teams are the same.