Rules & Bylaws


Agrenon is our Sargeant of Arms for the House of the Rings. He has guards, and a staff that serves HotR, and trains his soldiers to fight as a unit.  He is always looking for new recruits and staff to feed, clothe, and weaponize them.

The High Sheriff may bring up charges upon those in violation of our laws or those who would do harm to our House.  The High Sheriff represents HotR in our courts and may appoint Deputies and a Posse.

The House of the Rings rules and bylaws are simple and few.


There are no requirements to be an officer in HR. Every time Draconea logs in he will promote anyone who is not already an officer. Officers can invite anyone to HotR, so do be careful who you invite.


However, with everyone an officer there are some rules everyone needs to try to follow:


NO spamming mail - Please do not send a mail saying Hello. That is for kinchat.


NO asking for items or money through the mail, you can use the chat or the forums to ask for stuff if you need to.  We frown on giving out free coinage and strongly discourage it.  Though we encourage asking for the gear you need for your level.


BE polite and friendly to the kinship, kin means family so you should treat everyone as such.


NO arguing over the kinship chat, if you must argue with someone do so via IM/PM, no one wants to hear you argue


BE careful who you invite to the kin, since everyone's an officer everyone can invite people. So try to be careful who you invite, try not to invite trolls, annoying people, or mean people.


GIVE back to the kinship, if you have been taking items from kinship try to give to other members. If everyone gives items to the kinship, then it helps along lower level members.


KEEP your word, if you said you would do something for someone, do it. If for some reason you can't do what you said you would, tell the person and explain your reasons. Work it out with him.


ONLY take items you can use, don't take an item from the kin only to sell it in the auction house.


ABOVE all HAVE FUN - this is a game for all ages and all personalities, we are a community of fellow gaming adventurers and there is glory, merriment and many rewards for us all.


Complaints and violations of our rules and protection of our laws may be brought to trial.  Our Sargeant of Arms Argenon may bring up charges against those who would try to injure our House.  Trials can be by a jury of your kinpeers and appeals are by Trial of Combat.  The sentence for those found guilty by jury can range from silly sentences (wear your underwear as a costume for a day) to eternal banishment from the House.

If the accused is in disagreement of the decision or any phase of the trial, they may choose Trial by Combat and if they still have friends within the Kinship may have one of them fight on their behalf.  The judge & jury shall select a Combatant to represent the law within 2 levels of the Accused choice and combat shall take place per Gladiator rules - see Contest Page for GRules. 

Anyone may bring a complaint to a HotR Leaders and even the Leaders may be brought to trial for underperfoming in their positions. Send him or her a mail, ingame, if your issue cannot be resolved through mediation or compromise.