House of the Rings Kinhalls


The House of the Rings main Kinhome is located at #1 High Road Fasham Neighborhood in the Bree Homestead lands.  Full of trophys, food, beer, and full chests it serves very well as the HotR's Headquarters.

The House of the Rings Lord Elites is at #5 Long Street Fasham Neighborhood in the Bree Homestead lands.  It is a Kinhome for levels 70 and above, and has servants that are squires to the Knights, Lords & Ladies of our Kinship.

Later this year, we will be getting a 3rd and a 4th kinmanor in the Fasham Neighborhood.

The surrounding yard and grounds has a stage for minstrels & entertainment, two lecture arenas,  and a sparring temple for drilling, exercises, and gladiator fights.

Each month there are many events, contests, parties, lectures, gladiator fights and lots of fun things for all members to enjoy.

There are 3 chests in the kinhome that are available for donations and for your equipment.  They are opened to all daily.

For parties and events at the HotR's kinhouse, Vigz - the Partymeister -  is in charge of them and has many fun activities per month.  See our events and contests pages for more information.