House of the Rings Crafting Guilds


? Grandmaster of the HotR Crafts Guilds

? Grandmaster of the HotR Merchant Guild

The House of the Rings has the most Guildmaster Crafters in all of Gladden. We supply all of our members with the gear that they need, want & require to be a success and "succumb" much less in their respective roles

For any type of gear or supplies from food & health potions to armour, weapons, and protective jewellry to legendary supplies and for materials to improve your crafting vocation all you need do is ask in local kinship chat, or contact these Guildmaster Crafters (by ingame mail) listed below:


Draconea - Anorien Master Jeweller

Nikorin - Westemnet Master Jeweller

Frankinerl - Westemnet Master Jeweller

Fleshgrind - Anorien Master Weaponsmith

Megalin - Anorien Master Weaponsmith

Whatsinyourwallet - Westemnet Master Weaponsmith

Barrwin - Anorien Master Metalsmith

Nikoren - Westemnet Master Metalsmith

Thamojon - Westemnet Master Metalsmith

Burgwise - Anorien Master Woodworker

Iokie - Anorien Master Scholar

Ilandil - Anorien Master Scholar

Dumbli - Anorien Master Scholar

Nikomir - Westemnet Master Scholar


Lalrin - Anorien Master Tailor

Tavor - Anorien Master Tailor

itwarthen - Westemnet Master Tailor


Proudtoe - Anorien Master Cook

Hasukage - Westemnet Master Cook

Curtholde - Westemnet Master Cook

Elvelloni - Westemnet Master Cook

Healsinc - Anorien Master Farmer

Proudtoe - Anorien Master Farmer

Elvelloni - Westemnet Master Farmer


All HotR members get full free top - critted - crafted gear.  Send "ingame mail" to Draconea, and he will send out to our crafters.  Allow 2-3 days for delivery.  Or you can....


Contact any of the above by ingame Mail to request any gear that you need.