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Welcome to House of The Rings. We are a friendly, helpful, and mature kinship. We are over 300 members strong and support each other in all things LotrO.

It is our primary goal for our members to have fun in the game. We take the time and effort to explain the concepts, and details of the game. We are open to any ideas to better our kinship and gameplay. We have top crafters of all types to better our members gear: jewelry, armour, weapons, and lots more. All we ask is that if you are going to be offline more than 30 days please make a note in the kinship panel for your characters in the game.

Read the pages on this forum and if you like come join us. We are on the Gladden Server and all members can invite you.
To reply to comments made here you must join this forum, you only need one GuildLaunch.com account for all your characters. Please remember to claim your characters from the kinship roster. Once registered, membership approval is automatic and all pages may then be viewed. It may take up to 24 hours for your character to showup in the roster update after you are admitted to the kinship.  The roster is updated at least once a day.

Please Review our HotR Rules & Bylaws for if these are a problem we are not the kinship for you.

This game to have fun. So, be respectful of other players.

There are many contests for our members where they can win Gold, Armour, or other Kinship Treasure.

We ask all kinship members to register on the website and claim their characters as one of the requirements for being a leader above your usual officer status.  Other than that members of the kin are not required to register on the website but we do encourage it.

See additional HotR Pages on the left bar for more events, contests, and information.

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